Make me want to learn to play

That Don’t Impress Me Much


This quote from Ozzy Osbourne recently popped up on the Internet and it made me stop in my tracks. Perhaps, it’s because I’ve been an entertainer for 25+ years. Maybe it’s because I’ve recently been getting back into playing bass guitar and I forgot just how difficult it could be (or how horrible I probably sounded at age fifteen). But really, it’s because I am a marketer at heart.

Impressing one person is great if that’s your entire audience. But in the wedding and event pro industry that’s rarely the case. Yes, our clients are the couple and maybe even parents if they are footing the bill.

But it’s their guests that are there to experience the day. They are the ones that you need to entice to want to stay the night and celebrate. My ego would impress upon you that it is the job of the DJ or MC, the entertainment, to create those moments. That’s not true. It takes a team of dedicated wedding pros to get it done.

The alchemy of bringing these elements together is what makes it magical.

Yes, there are things that will be deemed more important to the couple. It could be music and dancing, photography, lighting, maybe the dress or perhaps even great food. However, everything is part of the experience. In fact, I’d argue that the moment a guest leaves their home the wedding experience has started. The traffic they sit in on the way over can be negated or propagated the instant they pull into the venue. Is parking easy or difficult? Is it beautiful outside, generic and boring, or are they waiting only until the moment they walk into the reception hall?

The bottom line is that the magic should be happening the entire time for everyone. It’s not on the shoulders of one professional to “make or break” and event. It’s on all of us.