What is Profithood Academy?

We’re online educational environment for wedding and event professionals.

Our first course, Profit First for Event Pros is designed to teach how your business can become profitable immediately. Our coaching team has been trained and certified by the Profit First Professionals organization to guide business owners and entrepreneurs (like you) how to maximize business profitability. Then we packaged it into a convenient online delivery portal.

We’ve found that to-do lists that require you to change your behavior have proven to be extremely ineffective. Our process puts “behavioral guardrails” in place that allow you to achieve your objectives by NOT changing your daily habits. The result is fluid, comfortable growth and increased profits.

Peer-Based Support and Accountability

We’ve not yet met a business owner that didn’t succeed under the Profit First system…so long as they stayed 100% consistent with the methods. Sticking with the system, by yourself, can be hard.

That’s where Profithood Academy comes in. Unlike other training “programs” on the market, we’ve put together modules that first provide instruction and introduction to the concepts. At the same time, you’re placed in our private Facebook mentoring group, where you’ll be able to discuss topics among your peers and you’ll receive group coaching and encouragement from Profithood Academy founder Jason Spencer. He’ll combine his roles as a Profit Advisor and Business Coach, keeping you productive and accountable.

More individualized coaching and accountability plans are available to work more one-on-one with Jason.

Peace of Mind

One of the things we love most about Profit First is how extremely simple is to use. Even if you don’t know how to read your balance sheet, profit and loss, or other financial statements, this system will ensure the profitability and let you get back to growing your business the right way.

Start Seeing Results Today

The process of maximizing your profits literally takes effect with your next deposit. Whether you opt for our “Mostly Doing It Yourself” plan, or something a little more involved, a few simple changes in your cash management will increase profitability from the very first day.