Profit First For Event Professionals

The Keep It Accountable Plan

Profit First For Event Pros (Beta)

Profit First has a 100% success record in making businesses radically more profitable, but only for entrepreneurs who implement Profit First properly and stick with it. This starts with foundational core concept Profit First lessons designed to build your understanding of the system.

Your profitability depends on you doing it right, and working with an accountability expert who is well versed in the dynamics of Profit First for the event industry is a great asset.

Profithood Academy offers The Keep It Accountable Plan, which includes the step-by-step modules. You will also receive access to the Profit Partnership, our private Profithood Academy Facebook mentoring group. This is where you’ll meet other business owners working through the same challenges as you. You’ll be motivated by others running Profit First in the community that can help you when you get stuck.

Also included are monthly group coaching calls with Jason Spencer, Certified Profit First Professional.

Adding A Helping Hand: Accountability

To solve the challenge of accountability, The Keep It Accountable Plan also includes a one hour check-in call per quarter, where you can ask Jason anything to keep you motivated in the right direction. If you already have setup the system a solid understanding on your allocation percentages, then Jason will make appropriate recommendations to further boost your profitability or help grow your business. Direct email access to Jason is included with this package.

This plan is mostly recommended for those that have already had a Profit Assessment run on their company. That is your true roadmap to wrangling the finances in your business. The Profit Assessment is only included in The Kitchen Sink Plan, or you may independently have one run through Profit First Professionals.

BETA NOTICE: This program is considered to be an early release. Some content may be in development or change during the program.

The Keep It Accountable Plan