Enthusiastic kid!

You Want To Lead With Your Enthusiasm

Entrepreneurship, Influence, Sales

Enthusiasm is the key to selling anything, even a commodity like coal! The ability to take an ordinary commodity or service and turn it into a specialty item is THE GAME CHANGER.

When you start with a commodity service or product, the way it is sold or introduced makes it look so different from the competition. Your enthusiasm for your work, your business and the results you create for your clients should ooze through you during conversations.

Your excitement to deliver awesome results will again separate you further from the competition.

Prospective clients need to feel your passion. Your passion for what you do. Think back to whom you serve and why then harness those thoughts — that’s your passion.

Many marketers will say that you have to find something that really makes your service stand out, something you feel compelled to tell people about, something that makes you excited.

Then you have to make sure the enthusiasm you feel comes across in everything you say and everything you write.

For me, in this forum, being a Certified Profit First Professional for wedding and event pros is the thing differentiates me. For my friend and colleague Mitch Taylor, being a Gitomer Licensed Trainer sets him apart. His business partner, Vickie Musni, is a Certified Personality Trainer and a member of NSA (National Speakers Association, not that other NSA). But even if we are the only ones with these titles, that is not enough (we’re not, BTW).

Loving what we do and how we help people, and expressing it consistently, constantly…

It is your passionate enthusiasm for your service that will motivate people to act.

Because when you’re excited about something, others will be too.