We’re excited to launch TWO new virtual coaching courses.

  • Profit First Quick Start 2018

    The 2018 Profit First Quick Start is an online course to help you implement a proven system that immediately destroys debt and instantly drives profitability in any business. Discover the powerful Profit First system that has helped businesses like yours immediately destroy debt and quadruple profits.

    Virtual Course Starts April 23, 2018

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  • Surge: Niche Specialization

    Diversification is playing not to lose. Specialization is playing to win. Learn the Surge methodology developed by Mike Michalowicz that’s the fastest and easiest way to rapidly grow your business. This unique niche specialization method promotes rapid niche growth, while avoiding the risks of over specializing.

    Virtual Course Starts May 9, 2018

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Jason Spencer

Instructor: Jason Spencer

Jason first met and became friends with Profit First author and co-founder Mike Michalowicz in 2012. Today, he's a Certified Profit First Professional Coach working exclusively with the wedding and event industry.

Jason has been a featured presenter at Wedding MBA, Mobile Beat, and Book More Brides. Feedback from these seminars impassioned Jason to create Profithood Academy, a peer-based membership community and tutorial implementation of Profit First designed for small business event pros. Learn more about our team.


THIS IS A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY for you to be a part of something big. I'm already consulting with disc jockeys, photographers, wedding coordinators, and other event professionals of all kinds. Many of them have already embraced the Profit First lifestyle and seen their business flourish. I discovered just how unique and different the needs are for each business during my one-on-one advising. However, there's also a core similarity. I can teach to the similarities all day long, but I'm seeking a handful of ambitious, audacious, driven event professionals that want to help me fine tune the content I already have.