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Thank you. You are now part of the Profit First Revolution. Check your email for your free chapters of Profit First, and you can expect to hear more around the end of the month as we begin accepting memberships into the first Profit First For Event Pros online course.

Profit is a habit, not an event.

Profit is something that needs to be incorporated into every moment of your business.

What You'll Get

When you enroll in Profithood Academy, here's some of what awaits you:

Access to the Profit First for Event Professionals DIY Course

Learn all 10 modules, revealed to you immediately the day you enroll. Each module contains bite-sized Profit First lessons, video tutorials, action steps and forms to help you complete the lesson.

Monthly Group Coaching Webinars

Join me, Jason Spencer, Certified Profit First Professional Coach, each month where we will drill down into a core topic and help you gain deeper understanding of profitability, marketing, and sales. Look for special guest appearances from outside experts too.

Introduction to Certified Profit First Professional Bookkeepers and Accountants

Need a little extra help? I'll connect you with a Certified Profit First Professional who can help you install every element of the system.

Membership Into An Exclusive Social Community Of Your Peers

Where you’ll meet other event business owners working on the same challenges as you. You’ll be motivated by others running Profit First in the community who can help you when you get stuck.

Connection and Accountability

Nope. This isn't another course where you buy it, pretend to commit, then forget all about it. It's time to get off your ass, roll up some sleeves, throw in a little elbow grease, and do something bold. And because I'm here, along with your peers, to help you move the needle every single month, for as long as you like, you're going to see results.

And So Much More...

I've got a lot of big ideas to help your business flourish. It starts with profitability. And we're going to grow the future together.

Instructor: Jason Spencer

Certified Profit First Professional

Jason first met and became friends with Profit First author and co-founder Mike Michalowicz in 2012. Today, he's a Certified Profit First Professional Coach working exclusively with the wedding and event industry.

Jason has been a featured presenter at Wedding MBA, Mobile Beat, and Book More Brides. Feedback from these seminars impassioned Jason to create Profithood Academy, a peer-based membership community and tutorial implementation of Profit First designed for small business event pros.

A Few Great Organizations Where Jason Has Recently Presented

Wedding MBA
Monterey Bay Wedding and Event Professionals
TriValley Wedding Professionals
American Disc Jockey Association


ONLY 50 SPOTS AVAILABLE How will you plan to grow your business this year?

THIS IS A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to be a part of something big. I'm already consulting with disc jockeys, photographers, wedding coordinators, and other event professionals of all kinds. Some of them have already embraced the Profit First lifestyle and seen their business flourish. During my one-on-one, I discover just how unique and different the needs are for each business. However, there's also a core similarity. I can teach to the similarities all day long, but I'm seeking a handful of ambitious, audacious, driven event professionals that want to help me fine tune the content I already have.

You'll be the inaugural group to enroll in Profithood Academy.

Profit First - Get Core Chapters For Free

You may have landed here after seeing me present on Profit First, and I suspect that you may still have a few questions. When you Join The Revolution, you'll be placed on the waitlist while we prepare for the launch of the new course. In a special agreement with the author, Mike Michalowicz, I've also arranged for you to receive the first five chapters of Profit First as a PDF, no other strings attached. I'll send the link right to your inbox. And all it took was your interest in helping me build Profithood Academy.

Thank you!

Jason Spencer